Watch free Top mx-player web series

May 25, 2020
watch Top mx-player web series
watch Top mx-player web series

There is no doubt,  MX Player is the world’s best video player, you can find its in every smart phone and now it’s one of India’s largest streaming platforms.

you can watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Web Series, Sports, Music Videos, Live TV Channels, International Shows and much more for free. Enjoy the limitless hours of entertainment online and cool features offline for the ultimate viewing experience

Bhaukaa l Crime Drama | Mohit Raina | MX Original Series| IMDb -Rating – 7.9 /10

This web series  is based on true story of IPS office Navniet Sekera , he was born on Friday, 22 October 1971 , in Etah, Uttar Pradesh into a lower-middle-class peasant family. Navniet Sekera successfully cleared the UPSC exam on his first attempt;

 He joined the Indian Police Service in 1996 This web series is  auto-Biography of Mr.Naveen Sikhera

This web series will show you how can a IPS officer live his life , with danger on word edge ,

how much they take risk of their life and their family life .

you will see it and feel  it its not a easy life being a IPS office .

Story begin with Muzaffarnagar is the crime capital of India. As Naveen Sikhera makes his way into the sin city as the new SSP, he is hit by the prevailing chaos and lawlessness in the city.

Muzaffarnagar is ruled by Shaukeen gang in the east and the Dedha brothers rule the west. The terror of these gangs is so much that even the local police never dares to question them.

Taking the reins in his hands, Sikhera starts cleansing the city and undertakes numerous encounters leading to the destruction of the Shaukeen gang and making in-roads into the operations of the Dedha gang.

how they execute this and how much they got successes in his operation on what price

waiting for the second part of this web series

Story is well written and well acted by our star cast –

Key cast:  Mohit Raina, Abhimanyu Singh, Siddhanth Kapoor, Bidita Bag, Sunny Hinduja, Rashmi Rajput, Pradeep Nagar and Gulki Joshi

You can watch the  Official Trailer here

Thinkistan | Season 1 & 2  |MX Original Series | MX Player |IMDb -Rating -7.9/10

If you want to know what is  the copy-write & copywriters , then this is the  best web series on mx player, This Web Series is going to takes you back to the glamorous world of Indian advertising in the mid 90’s.

Big personalities, short skirts, seductive women, toxic & Bold workplaces and glitz of show business.

 But it chronicles something important — the rise of the small town in India — when Hindi copywriters finally arrived in the English world of advertising.

The show’s core conflict is a battle between two friends, small-towner Amit, and city slicker Hema, two young copywriters who join Mumbai’s Best & hottest ad agency MTMC.

While Hema gets exactly all the attention with his poetry and English-speaking skills, Amit struggles to get credit for his small-town Hindi-rooted ideas. Can their friendship survive the dirty business of advertising? Who will triumph in the battle of Thinkistan?

if you like this story go and watch the both two season .

You Will Love it … am waiting of the season three

You can watch the  Official Trailer here

Hey Prabhu! |  MX Original Series | MX Player | IMDb -Rating -6.9/10

This is the story of a boy in his mid 20s with a strong Twitter following navigates the real world only to realize that online popularity is not enough to overcome real-life situations.

To top it off, his personal life is at an all-time low, because he has started experiencing erectile dysfunction. Hey Prabhu is a fun look at our online heroes and their miserable offline lives.

It’s is well scripted and well casted web series, all the characters play their role very will I like the work of Parul gulati specially. The show is a youthful experience very much enjoyable.

Hello Mini | MX Original Series | MX Player | IMDb -Rating -7.1/10

if you like suspense thriller this one is best thriller web series on mx player the story is  22-year-old Rivanah shifts to Mumbai from Kolkata and notices that someone is following and blackmailing her.

This someone is voiceless, faceless, nameless and is forcing her to ‘know her worth’. Even though he is stalking her and making her miserable, she is drawn to the Stranger and soon realizes that he is actually helping her.

But everything comes at a cost, as the stranger’s obsession with her and eventually hers with him leads her down a dangerous path, affecting her life and the lives of all those around her.

this will going to make your lockdown at every moment and make you to watch all the episode in one night .

Am waiting it for the second part …

well You can watch the  Official Trailer here

Aafat Web Series Season 1| MX Original Series | MX Player | IMDb -Rating – 6.6/10

Aafat Web Series is a one of must-watch web series , available on MX Player, It was among the foremost Web Originals released on MX Player (2019) and still stands as a relevant and among the best web series  they have.

They say marriages are made in heaven, but sometimes on planet Earth, you need a little help to find your ideal match. A young and good looking Ricky Malhotra is on the lookout for his “perfect bride”.

He is introduced to 5 beautiful prospects, but each of these firebrands pose a unique quirk that society stereo typically perceives to be an imperfection. Hairy, bald, foul-mouthed, overweight and a divorcee – together they are the Aafat that Ricky is greeted with!

This drama is a hilarious yet thought-provoking take on arranged marriages and what society perceives to be “perfect bride” material

You can watch the  Official Trailer here

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