Best Free Hindi Web Series on YouTube

May 10, 2020
Best Free Hindi Web Series on YouTube

TVF Pitchers Season 01 – review | IMDb -Ratings |9.2/10

The Story is about to Showcase the life of a young IT employee and his four friends; Naveen, Jitu, Yogi and Mandal who Pitch their idea by day and sit over a Pitcher of beer by night …,

in the search of their dream, and they want to bring their idea into the market.

these web series have all the flavour… best motivational web series.

Its revolves around how one’s relationship is affected and how the family sees about start-up.

how much its challenged to deal with Investors and how chaos it gets as one gets closer to the success.

 I have learnt many life lessons from this web series and became a fan of TVF since then.

Probably one of the reasons why each episode of TVF’s Pitchers has more than a million views is because the Indian audience has been craving for a show like this, one that takes its viewers seriously.

The show has also been ranked in IMDB’s Top 250 TV list at rank 50.

At about 40 minutes each, episodes are crisp and the entire season can be binge-watched in a single day on the TVF Play website or on YouTube.

A must watch, Pitchers, simply put, is miles ahead of the curve.

The show is brilliantly written and intensely acted. The casting, done by a fellow TVF member Nidhi Bisht, works well as the four friends seem very real and raw.

It will be unfair to categories Pitchers as a friends-comedy. Of course, it’s funny and is about friends,

But more than that, your will get inspired 

Eagerly waiting for the Pitchers Seson 2 to be out soon..

So guys Go and watch  TVF Pitchers Season 01  it its free

Official Chukyagiri Season 1 & 2-review| An Arre Original Web Series | IMDb -Ratings | 7.10

You Know this is the era of web series , its creating a brdge for new actor’s and artist ,

almost every day you will find a new channel promoting and launching their web-series,

Some of them are very entertaining while few of them are totally a waste of time.

I love watching good series,

I always waiting for a good web-series and want to showcase on my blog and finally ended up watching “Official Chukyagiri” by Arre Channel after lots of recommendation as bold web series on youtube.

There are so many students and professionals who come to metro cities for studying or working .

and get shocked when they are bullied by the ultra-stylish or dominating locales or recognized candidates.

So many who wind up running back to their village while few stay back to fight against them and build their own name and business.

The central character of the series, Spandan Chukya, is one of them who stayed back without leaving back for his village even when he gets to know that his father is very ill.

About story  

This is the story of a recent college pass out, who interns at an MNC. We will see the corporate world though his eyes in this web series  .

Spandan Chukya, yes Chukya hi hain ” Chutiya mat samgh lena ” Spandan Chukya  he is Intern of the Year, got selected for intern in Mumbai , now he , knows Mumbai is the city where all his  dreams come true.

On his long journey from Meerut to Mumbai, through love and loss, he learns, “Yahan jagah milti nahi, banani padti hai.”

Life Sahi Hai – review | IMDb – Ratings|7.8/10

This is a new web series on youtube channel which stars the story of 4 roommates a very basic and genuine Indian story.

You could even relate your own life with these people and can easily figure which person you are among them. It is a stress buster and a full entertainment show which I thoroughly enjoy

Life Sahi Hai, starring Suhail Nayyar, Tarun Jain, Abhishek Saha and Siddharth Chaturvedi, series follows the adventures and misadventures of four young men who have just shifted to Delhi to live independently but struggle due to horrible bosses, girlfriends and neighbors.

They soon realize that freedom doesn’t come easy but with each other’s company and support, they believe that ‘Life Sahi Hai!’ Life Sahi Hai –

All characters in this series are pretty enough good to take everyone of us to our own bachelorhood where few of our are frustrated by their bosses and offices while on the other hand few of them are like JASJEET who are like enjoying their life in their own way.

Some friends of us are like a single women lover who will do any thing for their girlfriend, these type of friends are beautifully depicted in those 4 characters of the series.

Plot and star cast are too good so that they can resemble every other guy in our indian society especially JASJEET’s acting is the awesomeness of this web series.

 All episodes streaming on ZEE5 ► https://www.zee5.com/tvshows/details/…

TVF’s Permanent Roommates Season 1 |IMDb Ratings |8.6

I wish every Indian channel telecasted shows like Permanent Roommates, but if not all, someone can and someone should.

A very well written, directed and executed show depicting the fears, anxieties, tenacious practices and fallible desire of reciprocity, everything that couples go through, presented in a manner that anyone can enjoy.

This show is just the beginning of the revolution that blemish the set methods and establish an environment that provides subsistence to whimsical, organized and intelligent television

Permanent Roommates has to be one of the best rom-com (romance and comedy )web series of India . Tvf didn’t disappointed as always . The acting of each and every character is great .

But the show stealers are Sumeet Vyas (Mikesh) and Purshottam ji . Sumeet Vyas has done a fantabulous job . His performance is absolutely phenomenal . And Purshottam’s character is the one which will make you laugh every time , sometimes even without a dialogue .

All the other actors have also done a commendable job . The character writing is also very good.

Permanent Roommates Season 2 has some strange episodes which do not help in growing any character or storyline.

But hats off to Sumeet Vyas for pulling off the character Mikesh with such ease. we cannot forget  Jeetu Bhaiya’s character part in Season 1 was very funny.      

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