ALT Balaji web series list 2020

May 5, 2020

ALTBalaji is the best platform where anyone can watch free online web series.

They have their won ALTBalaji android app you can download that from play store.

The app having all web series of ALTbala ji and also some premium web series for that you have pay very minimum charges.

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel of Altbalaji and you can watch free web series there.

Class of 2020 |  Vikas Gupta | Rohan Mehra | ALTBalajiI  MDb  Ratings :-  8.5/10    

Class Of 2020  is a sequel to the Class of 2017 . if your are among those who loved to watching School life Movies and web series this  class of 2017 ,  class of  2020 will be eye treat for you guys ,

Well i like very much and i do connect myself with these kind of stores …

if you already watched Class of 2017 you cannot imagine  that the sequel will go beyond the your imagination .

Class of 2020 Alt Balaji web series has proved to be a great hit among the Hindi web series audience.

This series is  having very interesting storyline and talented actors who made it a more significant success than the previous version.

Available On : MX PLayer & ALT Balaji aap

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Gandii Baat Season 4 | Special Episode | ALTBalaji

After running success fully 3 Season  AltBalaji presenting Gandii Baat Season 4 a bunch of five stories by the countryside exploring physical desire in its rawest form.

Set amid the rustic corners of the country, where the characters are caught in weird situations, the show almost tells you that desire comes in various shapes and sizes

Gandii Baat Season 4 talk about desire of people beyond imagination or  its

hidden desires and how  they dealing with that .

Altbala ji always breaking the barriers and against so called society thinking concept

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Code M | ALTBalaji | IMDb Ratings | 8.2/10 |

Code M is a web series of 8 episodes. You can watch it on altbalaji and zee5 premium .

The genre is thriller and lead roles are played by Jennifer winget  as Monica Mehra and Tanujvirwani as Angad . this one is the best one of alt balaji web series list 2020

The story is based on army background. The case is a simple encounter story but simple mein complexity ke bina thriller kaise bnegi story.

Monica Mehra had been alloted the case of her friend’s would be husband Major Ajay. It was claimed by army that Major Ajay got shaheed in encounter of 2 terrorists but on the opposite side the general public claimed that they were not terrorists and it was all army’s fault. Monica solved the case with full enthusiast keeping aside her emotions as this case made her relived her past.

All the actors played their role really well. The army aura has been created really well in the show.

Angad ka character bhi mast and cool hai. Itna cool lawyer pehli baar dkha hai  And a plus point to him coz wo foodie ha

The best part is show ka climax. Matlab kya khatarnaak twist n turns aate hai and jab wo khulte hai na . Aap soch hi ni skte ki ye niklega

Aur haa bandi ka swag to gazab hai

Bade tym baad mjhe acha show dkhne ko mila. Go and watch it

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Ragini MMS Returns Season2 | Sunny Leone | Divya Agarwal | Varun Sood |

Bollywood is becomes very productive since the web series has Started . Good series. Worth the watching. Good job Ekta. Karishma u rocked it. As it is a webseries and there is no censor board you can show some intense sex scenes. Last episode .sex scene is really amazing. Much better than the previous of this series. Gooo job. Expecting more to come like this as what ALTbalaji Known for producing soft and sensuous stories .

Ragini MMS Returns Season Two is will gives you no scares.Recommended Just for delicate pornography addicts.

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Virgin Bhasskar |  Anant V Joshi | Rutpanna Aishwarya | IMDb|6.4/10

If You like the adult comedy then its for you, So  Welcome to the suffering life of Bhasskar Tripathi whose imagination made him a famous erotic novelist. Desperate to explore the integral formal procedure of adulthood. he trying to find a mate the journey of a normal boy to become a sex- novelist  its like crazy you will laugh on punches .

Now Question is Will this desperate virgin at 26 find his ‘mate’, or will he remain .. or for all the interesting story of  Bhasskar Tripathi go and whats the all episodes with laughter .

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Mentalhood |   Karisma Kapoor | Ekta Kapoor | IMDb Ratings |8.4/10

Karisma Kapoor looks Lovely in her beautiful simple dresses but wish she was not so skinny.  A little chubbiness would have made her look more beautiful.

The series is good to watch, a good effort with good acting and direction.

The problems arise but they are solved with so much ease which is not possible. So I did find it real but it’s not so relevant.

In some places, the background score is too high and you can hardly hear the dialogues.

one is Good watch

Well its Absolutely AMAZING !!

BINGE watched the entire season 1 and then felt extremely sad because i was looking everywhere if they are releasing season 2.

These 10 episodes draw you right in It’s about real life, feelings, tears, joy, anger, abuse, bullying and things that are rarely talked about in the east Indian community. 

This show made me laugh so hard and cry just as much. You become a part of the characters life and feel what they feel especially if you’re a parent….a mother.

Watch the Official Trailer

So Thanks for your time and watching all

if you like anything more about web series let me know I will make a video and article on that.

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