10 best Hindi web series on Netflix

April 30, 2020
Free web Series

Let’s make your Lockdown More Interesting and adventures am giving you best Indian web series on Netflix

The best thing is these all are available in hind.  

So Starting with it – best Hindi series on Netflix

No.10. The Protector | |IMDb| Ratings – 6.9 |

Very emotional and creative serious love can make men go mad. Hakan the only hope of finding and killing the immortal finds himself between a hard place and a rock choosing to protect love over his duties as a protector
At one point he acts very heroic and is almost there than in a twist of fate love makes him lose it all. He is a headstrong believes only in himself and ignores advise from close members.

The Protector | |IMDb| Ratings – 6.9 | Free web Series

No.09- Lost in Space | IMDb| Ratings | 7.3

Lost in Space” has truly been one of the most well written Netflix series I have ever watched.
It is most definitely one of those series that will keep you up all day and night trying to finish.
This movie has pulled on all the emotions that the human body is capable of producing.

The Robinson family, part of a highly trained mission to establish a new colony in space,
is unexpectedly pulled off course forcing them to crash land on a lost planet.
Danger will find them.

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No.08- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina | IMDb | Rating | 7.6

The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina follows a sixteen-year-old witch named Sabrina. She is aided by her family and friends as she grows up and fights against the new world that changes around her.

While treachery and intense thrill are centres at the plot, the show also focuses on aspects of teen life and even has extra room for romance. This is why it’s so enjoyable because it manages to balance emotions well together.

No.07- YOU Season1 (2018) IMDb Rating7.8

If you like trying to follow the mind-set of a crazy person or disturb human being, their thinking and reasoning, enjoy watching “YOU” on Netflix or Lifetime.
This is a new angle on obsession.
Notice the mesmerizing performance of Penn Badgley ( Joe ).
As you follow his insanity, yes, totally crazy is he, you become a part of his world.
You will not want to miss a single moment of his reaction and reactions to the people in his world that come between him and his love. Well done to the cast, crew, and director of this series

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No.06- Sex Education: Season 2 | IMDb| 8.3

What we have learned in Our Schools in the Shake of “SEX- Education
” That was the “BABA JI KA TULU “
A teenage virgin who lives with his sex therapist mother teams up with a smart and edgy high school classmate to start their own health clinic
So Much drama and fungo a watch but USE Headphone and find out some ROOMS

No.05- LUCIFER |MDb. |Rating | 8.2 |

Attaching mythology to crime series with Lucifer struggling with his inner doubts only to be corrected by Dr Linda is the best part long with Lucifer trying to link his life or emotional situation with the people linked to the cases.
Loved that a sex addict never got to have sex with the woman he truly loves in all 4 seasons. It kept us guessing when they be in a relationship but the truth is it is the love that matters. God does not screw us. We are responsible for our thoughts and actions
Bored and unhappy as the Lord of Hell, the original fallen angel, Lucifer Morningstar has abandoned his throne and retired to L.A., where he owns Lux, an upscale nightclub

No.04- Ozark | IMDb |Ratings | 8.0

This is one of the best-written shows I’ve ever seen, it’s on the level of sopranos and boardwalk empire. I’ve never seen a show where all of the characters are intriguing in one way or another. Everyone goes through so much adversity in this show that you can witness the characters personalities changing throughout the course of each season

Ozark: Their Last Resort. The Byrdes, husband and wife Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), their teenage kids Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) — are for all intents and purposes an ordinary family. Ordinary save for Marty’s job: The top money launderer for the second largest drug cartel in Mexico.

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No.03 – Vikings: | IMDb |Ratings |- 8.6

I wish this show wasn’t ending so bad, but it is what it is. This show has entertained me for years and was an emotional rollercoaster the whole way through.

There are so many interesting factors within the show and although it is not all historically accurate, it is still an absolutely amazing show with 6 seasons worth of brilliance to watch. If you are into gruesome action, terrible treachery and drama all in one, the best part is all-season available in Hindi its best Hindi series on Netflix ever

Vikings bring us to the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer who yearns to explore – and raid – the distant shores across the ocean
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No.02- Black Mirror: Season 5 | IMDb |Ratings|8.8 |

This story of production is perfect. Society needs to see the harm and consequences of the technology it embraces. 
You will Connect yourself with this i loved it a lot
The plot are well balanced and scripted. You will enjoy every episode

Watch Trailer here Just Now -.

No.01- Stranger Things | IMDb |Ratings|8.8 |

One word – Best of its kind. Just binge-watched all the three seasons and it’s a blast of fun with those kids.
You would probably think why I watched it so late Cuz I didn’t know about its greatness. The previous year 2019 when it was released it was a hit and then I came to know that there’s a show called Stranger Thing in this world but I didn’t watch it.
But during this lockdown I finally watched it and it was the best experience of my whole life literally.
One of the best Series on Netflix

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